100 % this time. Unless birth says different, but until then, our baby girl’s name is going to be Imogen Aurora Slaven. (Taking Lewis’s surname)

It also has the perfect meaning behind it. And i believe it’s the perfect name, because i actually cried (damn pregnancy hormones!) when i read the meaning behind it.

Imogen was on our baby name list already, but the other day, we searched it up in the baby name book we got, and the meaning behind it is apparently:

Imogen -
Meaning: 'Girl who resembles her mother' 'Maiden'  - (Lewis always mentions how he really hopes she turns out like me.
Origin: (Celtic) & (Latin) - Me and Lewis are both Celts i guess, He’s Scottish and I’m Welsh, and as for Latin, my name Felicity is Latin.

It’s just so perfect and we both love it! :D

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